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Stud Males

Toffeemont Marrabou
Marrabou RMelb Show.jpeg

DOB: 08/01/2018
IAR: 247101
Our Pride or our herd, this upstanding macho male has it all! True to type correct frame down to his toes with a air of presence. With his Grand sire being Maudib, among other grand names he does not disappoint.


His fleece has an amazing handle, density across the frame and minimal primary fibers on the extremities. Marrabou has consistently been shown across Tasmania and Aust throughout his 5 yrs of life.


There has been minimal change in results and comments over this time. which says to us how consistent he is.


Marrabou is a Solid Bay Black had has produced black progeny to darker coloured females and Dark fawn progeny to lighter coloured females so far.



20/21 - micron: 17.5 SD:4.1 CV:23.5 CEM:8.2 CF: 99.7
21/22 - micron: 21.2 SD:4.1 CV:19.2 CEM:7.4 CF: 98.2
22/23 - micron: 22.4 SD:4.2 CV:20.2 CEM:8.1 CF: 96.2

Precision Divine Evolution

DOB: 23/02/2018
IAR: 242609

Devo is your Man!


Straight from Victoria bringing in quality genetics from the award winning Evokateur and Enforcer.


We have his first 4 progeny on the ground, all medium fawn to Light Brown so far across our fawn females and they all look stunning! His Saddle fleece came off at shearing this season at 1.95KG and 100mm staple length.


Devo brings in density, a true macho frame and fleece characteristics worthy of a look. We also love his easy going temperament

Pengarook Larrikan
photo placeholder.jpg

DOB: 07/12/2016
IAR: 232971

Larry is new to our stud direct from Victoria he brings diversity of genetics.


His sire is the well know Millduck Jarrah and Grand sire Wyterrica Rory. He brings the true rich earthy brown colour with black points. he has quite a long extensive show history that shows consistent placings across VIC.


Check him out on ealpaca!


His fleece has a really soft handle still for 8yrs old and plenty of character to boot.

Yenaminut Tavaro
Tavaro 2.jpeg
photo placeholder.jpg

DOB: 27/02/2016
IAR: 216336

Tavaro has made his mark here at Toffeemont. With 22 progeny on the ground now and 9 females ranging in fawn to brown that will be retained to elevate the quality of our breeding females!


We are so happy with the level of quality Tavaro has produced from several different females.


He is showing us he is improving on the overall micron, handle, length of staple and  density. His latest progeny micron stats came in at 14.7, 15.6, 15.7, 17.3, 17.8, 17.9.


Tavaro is what we call an IMPROVER for your females.

Toffeemont Chico
Chico 1_edited.jpg
Chico 2_edited.jpg
photo placeholder.jpg

DOB: 07/04/2012
IAR: 173914

What an upstanding senior male!


Chico has proven his worth over and over again. The only son from our very first stud male Troy, he holds a special place here at Toffeemont. with bloodlines from Highlander, Pinaroo and El Dorado from his grand sires side to his dams side mixing it up with Forestglen and Regal House.


Chico has sired over 20 progeny across a few breeders and consistently keeps the SD Low! most of his progeny hold SD around 3.5. He still maintains a beautiful soft handle and a finer fibre.


He can produce solid colours and broken fancy colours.

We believe Chicos colour genetics are Ab a Ee 

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