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Hi There! Welcome to Toffeemont - a boutique alpaca farm in Tasmania

Hi There!

Janelle & Byron here with our buddies at Toffeemont alpacas.


Toffeemont is a small boutique Huacaya alpaca farm situated on the sunny south east coast of Tasmania. Currently home to approx 70 alpacas. Byron and I were introduced to the wonderful world of alpacas approx 15 years ago and found our passion. We fell in love! We were captivated by these regal unique calming creatures. Together we have achieved many goals over the years and reached each milestone with vigour, passion, fun and focus. Over the years we have diversified from a private alpaca stud breeding farm to Tasmania’s first premier Agritourism accredited alpaca only farm business. We want to share what we feel and experience every day with these amazing camelids with you! Providing you and your family and friends with a tour experience that radiates happiness, joy, wonder, smiles and memories to share.

We believe in, and support the growing alpaca industry by striving to produce premium alpaca fibre for processing  and focusing on layered breeding strategies and diversifying genetics to create optimal quality fibre and frame.

Here at Toffeemont  we provide husbandry and shearing services for over 250 clients across Tasmania and support all alpaca owners with education, advice and other support services.

These services provided include:

  • Transport of alpacas across the Bass Strait

  • Youth education programs for schools

  • Therapy alpaca visits

  • On farm and on line alpaca shop

  • Stud male services

  • Craft education workshops

  • Alpaca education workshops

  • Alpaca Farm Tours

  • Paca Picnics

  • Alpaca Treks

  • Events

Toffeemont are proud Australian Alpaca Association members and we are actively involved in National and regional committees and hope to continue this growing industry


So What are you waiting for? Come on down to Toffeemont and share the love!

Read what our customers say

We had a wonderful experience at Toffeemont Alpacas and highly recommend the tour!! We were able to meet a variety of alpacas and feed them. Along the tour, our hosts drew from their many years’ experience of raising alpacas to share more about these alpcas, why they raise them, and how alpacas live! They (the hosts and alpacas) were very welcoming, informative, and attentive to us. The alpacas are used to human interaction and friendly - some are timid, but some allow cuddles!

The tour also ended with some cakes, fruits and hot drinks for tea:)

Daniel Boey
Image by Joakim Honkasalo

Missing you already!

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